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The IMOMA strengthens its presence in Medical Congresses


March 2018

With the aim of improving the quality of our healthcare, IMOMA is continuously increasing its presence in medical congresses, both in Spain and in the United States. On March 2nd and 3rd, IMOMA's Communications Manager, Dr. Pablo Román, attended the 22nd Congress of the Spanish Vitreo-Retinal Society (SERV) in Santander. There he had the opportunity to observe the strong interest shown by this medical community in new treatments based on gene therapy.

One of those, called Luxturna, has been approved by the FDA for a type of blindness that up until now was untreatable; it is caused by mutations in the RPE65 gene. This new therapeutic possibility underlines the need to learn the genetic cause of the disease in each patient affected by a inherited retinal dystrophy. These are a heterogeneous group of genetic disorders associated with progressive visual deterioration, caused by mutations in a high number of genes.

The genetic test OPHTHALMOgenics, developed by IMOMA and DREAMgenics, sequences over 300 genes related to these pathologies, providing the information required to not only refine the diagnosis and take medical measures, but also to open future treatment options based on gene therapy.


On the same dates, IMOMA's Chief Physician, Dr. Rubén Cabanillas, attended the prestigious conference The Future of Genomics Medicine. This conference took place in one of the most advanced centres in Personalized Medicine; Scripps Translational Science Institute, with speakers of the highest prestige, such as Juan Carlos Ispizúa, pioneer in gene therapy and Oviedo's Amalio Telenti, Professor of Genomics in Scripps Institute in La Jolla.

Once again, we observed how the links between genomics and clinical practice is getting tighter, making precision medicine, a field in which IMOMA is pioneer in Spain, a reality in which gene therapy, genetic diagnosis and personalized treatments are combined.


To know more about how IMOMA leads in Precision Medicine visit:


The Argenta room in the auditorium at the Cantabria Festivals Hall, where the 22nd Congress of the Spanish Vitreo-Retinal Society took place



The Robert Paine Scripps Forum in La Jolla, where the 9th annual meeting "Future of Genomic Medicine" took place



A presentation at the 9th annual meeting "Future of Genomic Medicine"



Dr. Rubén Cabanillas at Scripps Translational Science Institute in La Jolla


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