IMOMA: Institute of Molecular and Oncological Medicine of Asturias 

Instituto de medicina oncológica y molecular de Asturias
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First rate research on cancer and other genetic diseases



The Institute of Molecular and Oncological Medicine of Asturias (IMOMA) is a private company which was created in spring, 2008, to fight against cancer. The joint venture was formed by Corporación Masaveu, Liberbank (Cajastur) and Medicina Asturiana. Our aim is to offer patients the best possible tools available to prevent and overcome this disease.

Our healthcare programme is based on three main pillars: 1) coordinated, up-to-date, personalized patient care, 2) the integration of the latest developments in molecular biology in our clinical protocols and 3) cutting edge radiotherapy.


IMOMA building


IMOMA is a medical facility, owned by Corporación Masaveu, which controls 66% of the shareholding via its affiliate Masaveu Medicina, and its participated company Medicina Asturiana-Centro Médico. Liberbank holds the remaining 33%. 


  1. To offer optimum oncological care, covering each and every aspect of the disease and involving a variety of healthcare specialists in diagnosis and treatment.
  2. To apply personalized treatments based on the molecular characteristics of each patient and tumor.
  3. To provide our patients with leading radiation therapy technology.
  4. To maintain direct contact with first-rate basic and translational research.


IMOMA can be found very near to Oviedo, in the Centro Médico de Asturias Healthcare Complex. IMOMA's Radiotherapy Unit covers an area of 1300m2, the building houses the "TrueBeam STx Powered by Novalis" lineal accelerator as well as consulting rooms and bunkers for planning and delivering external radiotherapy. IMOMA's Laboratory of Molecular Medicine and additional consulting rooms are located in the main building of the Healthcare Complex.

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