IMOMA: Institute of Molecular and Oncological Medicine of Asturias 

Instituto de medicina oncológica y molecular de Asturias
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Radiation Oncology

More than 70% of all cancer patients will receive radiotherapy at some time during their treatment. Radiotherapy uses high-energy ionizing radiation, such as x-rays, gamma rays, electrons and protons, to kill or damage cancerous cells.

Due to technological advances, radiotherapy may be administered in different ways. External radiotherapy, which is most common, uses a machine (normally a linear accelerator) to deliver radiation from outside the body.

IMOMA offers the latest radiotherapy technology available today. The linear accelerator "TrueBeam STx powered by Novalis" guarantees maximum precision, efficiency and safety, thanks to advanced systems for guiding and delivering radiation along with unprecedented speed. Resulting in easier treatments and reduced side effects for patients.

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