IMOMA: Instituto de Medicina Oncológica y Molecular de Asturias 

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ONCOgenics Germline

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ONCOGenics Easy
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Ask your doctor for ONCOgenics Germline

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Your doctor sends a blood or saliva sample to our laboratory

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We extract your DNA from the sample and analyse all of the genes related to hereditary predispositions to develop cancer

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We will write up a report for your doctor, detailing all of the identified alterations and the types of cancer which they can cause

ONCOgenics Germline is not a conventional analysis. Conventional analyses only evaluate one or a few genes.

ONCOgenics Germline analyses all genes with alterations which are related to hereditary predispositions for developing cancer.

Remember: DON’T GIVE it ANOTHER THOUGHT, ANALYSE your genome.
ONCOGenics Easy

Our genomic sequencing services are fruit of years of work. At IMOMA we are pioneers in carrying out genomic analyses for diagnosing and selecting customised treatments:


First tumor exome derived from frozen tissue, in order to select a targeted treatment


Identification, using exomes, of Néstor and Guillermo Progeria Syndrome, a new accelerated aging syndrome (published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics A and the American Journal of Human Genetics)


Identification, using exomes, of new tumor suppressors in laryngeal cancer (published in Nature Communications)


First tumor exome derived from paraffin embedded tissue, for selection of targeted treatment


Launch of ONCOGenics Germline: sequencing of DNA from blood or saliva for the identification of hereditary cancer predispositions (a service developed in collaboration with DREAMgenics)

Más sobre OncoGenicsEasy
ONCOgenics Germline is one of the most comprehensive genetic tests available for diagnosis of hereditary cancer. The aim is to identify all of the genetic alterations which could confer a hereditary predisposition to develop cancer. This test analyses the DNA sequence of more than 70 hereditary cancer-causing genes using blood or saliva samples.
ONCOgenics Germline uses bioinformatic tools exclusive to DREAMgenics, and validated by several internationally recognised scientific publications (references DREAMgenics) with analytical sensitivity and specificity above 99.9%. The results are outlined to the doctor in a detailed report including a description of the indentified alterations and the types of hereditary cancer which they may cause.
Result delivery time: 1 month after reception of sample


For more detailed information we invite you to consult the following information brochure (click on the image to download):


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