IMOMA: Institute of Molecular and Oncological Medicine of Asturias 

Instituto de medicina oncológica y molecular de Asturias
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IMOMA innovates in the diagnosis of hereditary deafness

Oto Thumb
The IMOMA and its collaborators contribute to demosntrate that NGS DNA sequencing can be trasferred to the clinical practice, improving diagnostics, providing prognostic information, identifying hidden sindromes, saving costs and improving qulaity of life of deaf patients and their families.  

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Genetic Counsellor and Communications Officer recently appointed by IMOMA

A Genetic Counsellor and a Communications Officer have recently beenappointed by IMOMA

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congress personalised medicine

The IMOMA strengthens its presence in Medical Congresses

Representatives from IMOMA attended in March 2018 the XXII Spanish Vitreo-Retinal Society (SERV) in Santander and the prestigious meeting Future of Genomic Medicine in San Diego (US) 

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Pancreatic cancer: new breakthroughs in understanding metastasis

Resumen KRAS

February 2018

A paper published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature involving the participation of IMOMA, has achieved significant breakthroughs in understanding the processes that lead to metastasis.

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Novel genes identified that help to restrain cancer

Jorge de la Rosa
The study, led by scientists from IMOMA, shows the relevance of these genes in prostate cancer

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Excellence for IMOMA

IMOMA has achieved the top score in the "Oncogene panel testing" external quality assessment scheme offered by the EMQN

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A conference by Dr. Cabanillas: Precision medicine in 2017

Conferencia RC Cajastur 2017.02.23
Dr. Rubén Cabanillas held a conference about the current state of Precision Medicine, within the framework of the series of cancer conferences organized by Foundation Cajastur

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World Cancer Day

WCD Logo
From IMOMA we share the celebration of the World Cancer Day on February, 4th 2017

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IMOMA sponsors the best doctoral thesis in Medicine and its Specialities

Dra. Acebes RAMPRA
Doctoral thesis of Dr. Andrea Acebes sponsored by IMOMA has received a prize

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Award for OTOgenics: the new methodology developed by IMOMA and DREAMgenics for the genetic diagnosis of hereditary deafness

OTOgenics laureada
The presentation titled "Genetic diagnosis of deafness using nextgeneration sequencing" has been awarded the prize for the best oral presentation at the 67th National Congress of the SEORL & CCC

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Fifth anniversary of IMOMA's Radiotherapy Service

Personal IMOMA exterior
IMOMA's radiotherapy service is five years old

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Dr. Rubén Cabanillas in the series of conferences 'Cancer and Society'

Dr. Cabanillas Avilés
IMOMA´s Physician in Chief, Dr. Rubén Cabanillas, gave his presentation "Cancer- latest advances in prevention and treatment" in Avilés as part of theseries of conferences "Cancer and Society"

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MAPFRE and IMOMA reach an agreement for the provision of radiotherapy treatment


The important insurance company MAPFRE Familiar de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A. and IMOMA have recently reached an agreement for the provision of radiotherapy treatment for all their health insurance policyholders

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IMOMA at the ASTRO (American Society for Radiation Technology) Annual Meeting

IMOMA presents its experience with lung tumors and lung metastases at the ASTRO's Annual Meeting

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IMOMA professionals take part in several national congresses

During the last months, specialists from IMOMA have taken part in SEOR, SECOM and semFYC national congresses, sharing their work developed in different areas of significance at the institution

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IMOMA takes part in XI ANIS Congress



Last Saturday, 11th April 2015, the IMOMA took part with a paper in the annual XI Congress of the Spanish National Association of Health Journalists (ANIS)

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Video radiotherapy IMOMA

Release of our video 'P E R F E C T'



Information about the radiotherapy process at IMOMA.

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ASISA and IMOMA reach an agreement for the provision of radiotherapy treatment


The prestigious health insurance company Asistencia Sanitaria Interprovincial, S.A. (ASISA) and IMOMA have recently reached an agreement for the provision of radiotherapy treatment for all their private health insurance policyholders

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IMOMA helps to identify new genes involved in pancreatic cancer

Nature Genetics


The Institute of Molecular and Oncological Medicine of Asturias (IMOMA) has collaborated with an international scientific team which has succeeded in identifying new genes involved in pancreatic cancer

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IMOMA presents experience with VMAT for treating head and neck cancer at RSNA Annual Meeting

IMOMA en RSNA 2014

The Radiological Society of North America will celebrate its Annual Meeting next month in Chicago #RSNA 2014. On this occasion, the Department of Radiation Oncology at IMOMA and the Nuclear Medicine and Radiology Units at Centro Médico de Asturias, will be giving a presentation on radiotherapy treatment of skull base and paranasal tumors.

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CPAN Award for  Desayuno con fotones, the blog co-edited by IMOMA's Dr. Manuel Vilches

Recogida premio CPAN


Head of the Radiophysics Unit, Dr. Manuel Vilches Pacheco, attended the prize giving ceremony to the blog Desayuno con Fotones (Breakfast with photons)


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Agreement between Fundación Maria Cristina Masaveu Peterson and IMOMA to boost new R&D lines in cancer, blindness and deafness

The projects will count with the collaboration of DREAMgenics and Instituto Oftalmológico Fernández-Vega

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First Doctoral Thesis from IMOMA

Jorge de la Rosa de Saa, beneficiary of a predoctoral fellowship from Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson, obtains his Ph.D. degree with a novel study about aging, cancer and the relationshio between them.

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IMOMA website now in English

We take great pleasure in informing all visitors that our site is now available in English:

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CIGNA and IMOMA put in place a radiation therapy service agreement

Through their Spanish branch, the prestigious health insurer CIGNA Insurance Company of Europe, S.A.N.V. and IMOMA recently signed a service delivery agreement whereby all CIGNA policyholders may benefit from the leading-edge radiotherapy treatments available at IMOMA.

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IMOMA and ICO identify the first mutations in the PMS2 gene in Spanish patients.

IMOMA and ICO identify the first mutations in the PMS2 gene in Spanish patients.

The mutations detected in the PMS2 gene cause Lynch syndrome: an inherited genetic condition that has a high risk to develop colon, rectal and endometrial cancers.

The study has been published in the prestigious "Journal of Medical Genetics"

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IMOMA takes part in a new study on the piggyBac transposon

Dr. Cadiñanos has participated in a research project, recently published in Molecular Cell Biology, that addresses the characterization of the piggyBac transposon, used to identify cancer genes

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IMOMA and FADE sign a collaboration agreement

IMOMA y FADE suscriben un convenio de colaboración
The main purpose is to establish direct preferential agreements with members of the Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs

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Premio, OPITZ, IMOMA, Rubén Cabanillas, Asturias, Oncología

OPITZ 2012 award to IMOMA Medical Director, Dr. Rubén Cabanillas

Entrega del Premio OPITZ 2012 al Director Médico del IMOMA, Dr. Rubén Cabanillas
On 27th of November, 2012, in the Illustrous College of Physicians of Oviedo, the international prize "John M. Opitz Young Investigator Award" 2012 edition, was awarded to Dr. Rubén Cabanillas

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Independent Audit of IMOMA's Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Service


The external independent audit EqualDose from the European Society for Therapeutic Radiation and Oncology (ESTRO). has been performed out on the radiotherapy planning and treatment delivery systems, at our Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Service.

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IMOMA collaborates with iba dosimetry on the application of advanced dosimetry techniques

foto iba

Due to this collaboration, IMOMA now boasts high precision dosimetry instruments, in line with the innovative characteristics of the TrueBeam STx Linear accelerator

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The Institute for Family Business (IEF) focuses on IMOMA


The IEF magazine recognises IMOMA's pioneering initiative in the fight against cancer.

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DREAMgenics: a company aimed at creating software products for clinical genome interpretation


(Disease, REsearch And Medicine) aims at advancing the practical application of genome research by transferring this information to medical diagnosis.

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IMOMA, at the forefront in radiotherapy treatment

Nuevo edificio del IMOMA

IMOMA launches a new Radiotherapy Unit, housing the ultra-modern LINAC " TrueBeamTM  STx powered by Novalis®"

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Specialists from Memorial Sloan-Kettering, New York visit IMOMA

Visita de especialistas del Memorial Sloan-Kettering de Nueva York

Doctors Lee, Shin and Lovelock visit the IMOMA's Radiotherapy facilities to contribute their knowledge and experience to the new service which will be up and running this autumn.

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A new strategy against cancer

Una nueva estrategia contra el cáncer
A new tool has been developed to identify cancer causing genes.

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Discovery of a new aging-gene

Descubren un nuevo gen de envejecimiento
Spanish scientists discover a new gene which causes accelerated aging

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Aging reversed in mice

Revierten el envejecimiento cerebral en ratones
American scientists, in collaboration with members of the IMOMA, achieve the reversal of some age related problems in mice.

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