IMOMA: Institute of Molecular and Oncological Medicine of Asturias 

Instituto de medicina oncológica y molecular de Asturias
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Multidisciplinary Treatment

In the diagnostics area, we boast a Nuclear Medicine Department, a Radiodiagnostics Department, fully equipped with leading-edge technology, modern Clinical Analysis Laboratories and also an Anatomical Pathology Department which maintains dynamic and constant contact with our Laboratory of Molecular Medicine.

In order to offer the most precise cancer treatment, we count on the collaboration of all of the medical and surgical specialists that work in "Centro Médico de Asturias", and participate in all of our multidisciplinary boards. The Breast Pathology, Digestive Tumor, Thoracic Oncology and Neuro-oncology departments are particularly exemplary and deserve a special mention due to their excellent work. Likewise, for highly specialised cases, the collaboration of prestigious external experts can be made available to complement our team.

Finally, given the importance of cancer patient support, our patients can avail of experts in areas such as speech therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition and psychology.

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